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Protective Behaviours is a practical approach to personal safety, and is implemented into Oak Wood Primary as an ethos, across all areas of the school and learning. It is a program that encourages self-empowerment and brings with it, the skills to raise self-esteem, to help our pupils to feel safe. This is achieved by teaching children to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (Early Warning Signs), to develop strategies that help the children’s understanding, of when they are feeling safe and unsafe, and what they can do in these situations.

The 7 strategies taught in Protective Behaviours are:

The language of safety- Teaching children how to communicate their thoughts and feelings and ensuring that they feel heard and supported by adults.

Theme reinforcement- Repeating the learning in different situations.

One step removed- Exploring thoughts and feelings, through the perspective of someone else, such as puppets, stories and favourite characters etc…

Network review- Exploring the different safe adults that can help children when they feel unsafe.

Persistence- Encouraging children to keep telling if they feel unsafe, even if this means trying different safe adults.

Protective interruption- Empowering children to access support via communicating, sensory activities, removing themselves from situations if they feel the need.

Risking on purpose- Teaching children to identify the difference between safe and unsafe risks whilst also still having fun.

At Oak Wood Primary we have introduced “Oakie”, our school character that explores all areas of Protective Behaviours, within Oak Wood, through colourful characters and songs. You will hear the songs and videos in our reception area as well as in classrooms daily.

If you have any questions surrounding Protective Behaviours, or would like some advice/support, about how to implement any of these strategies at home, please contact school and we will be more than happy to help.


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