At Oak Wood we use SMSC to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils. SMSC prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.

Our children develop a growth mindset – they think positively, believe in themselves, are confident and assertive. They go for their goals with a ‘can do’ attitude and belief in themselves. Our school’s ethos prepares pupils positively for life in Modern Britain and promotes the fundamental British values.

We use SMSC to encourage our children to make sense of the world and other people; think carefully about how they interact with other people; and the sort of person they are/the person they are becoming. SMSC also overlaps with many other areas of school life, including equality and diversity, safeguarding and the prevention of extremism.

At Oak Wood we use SMSC to:

  • Raise aspirations;
  • Develop empathy;
  • Deepen spirituality;
  • Connect pupils with their communities;
  • Create self-belief through a growth mindset approach to learning.


Social education involves the growth of children’s ability to thrive in and contribute to the wider world. It is concerned with the development of interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with a variety of different people.

The curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to:

  • Work in teams;
  • Reflect on their own learning;
  • Consider moral dilemmas;
  • Explore the wonder of the natural world;
  • Be represented and have their voices heard;
  • Appreciating the rights and responsibilities of individuals within the wider social setting (families, school, local and wider communities) to develop understanding of how communities and societies function.

Moral education is concerned with questions of intention, motive and attitude. We believe that children need clarity in their responsibility in helping everyone to get the best from their education within our school.

Moral education involves pupils:

  • Values to develop their own moral principles;
  • Exploring behaviours and their impact in order to recognise right and wrong and to make right choices for themselves;
  • Having a range of opportunities to express their own views and understand that others may hold different views or beliefs.

Spiritual education involves the growth of children’s sense of self, their unique potential, their strengths and areas for development, and their will to achieve.

Spiritual education is concerned with their search for meaning and purpose in life and involves pupils:

  • Experiencing wonders of the world (man-made and natural) to develop fascination, awe and wonder;
  • Exploring the values and beliefs of others to develop empathy and respect;
  • Having a range of experiences to develop understanding of human feelings and emotions;
  • Using imagination and creativity in learning to develop and celebrate individuality.

Cultural education is concerned with the value and richness of cultural diversity in Britain (or the country they are living in) and the wider world, and how this influences individuals and society. At Oak Wood, we work closely within our school community and wider community to celebrate the diverse culture within our school. We encourage children and Parents to speak openly about their time outside of school and reflect.


During their time at Oak Wood, children will have learned:

  • How to communicate ideas respectfully;
  • To be respectful of different cultures and religions;
  • To know they have a responsibility to others and their wider community;
  • Have a strong sense of moral-self, knowing the difference between right and wrong;
  • A growth mindset attitude to learning;
  • Form positive relationships with others – developing empathy and respect for others.

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